Tropical visit for Reception pupils...

Monday was an exciting day for Reception pupils as they embarked on their second school trip for the year to Tropical Wings, Chelmsford. Tropical Wings is home to various animals such as wallabies, monkeys, meerkats, various reptiles, birds and butterflies.

The pupils marvelled at the creatures, particularly at the meerkats, wallabies, and butterflies. The trip was In light of Reception's topic this term, which is about animals and insects that Swim, Fly or Soar.

During the middle of the day, they were given a presentation about several of the animals and even got to stroke a cockroach and a bearded dragon. One of the highlights of the day was to go into the butterfly house and see all of the bright colours that fluttered before them. The pupils have started learning about the life cycle of butterflies and it was amazing for them to see first hand the stages of the lifecycle. 

The parents that came along on the trip commented how wonderful it is to have the opportunity to share these experiences with the children. All in all, a successful day out enjoyed by everyone!

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