Book shopping for Year 2 & 3 pupils...

Year 2 pupils recently went on a special visit to Waterstone's at Intu, Lakeside. They were swiftly followed by Year 3!

The pupils were selected to give them the opportunity to improve reading fluency. They were encouraged to choose a book to read for pleasure. However, they didn’t only get one book of their choice, but two! Their selections showed so many varied interests; football, horses, fairies, superheroes and more.

Students commented:

  • “It was fun when we picked the books.”
  • “I liked choosing my football books.”
  • “We need to get better readers, I am going to read all my books.”
  • “I was excited because I get to choose any book I want to read and I get to take it home”
  • "I love reading Jacqueline Wilson, she's my favourite author"
  • "I had a brilliant time at the book shop!"

This visit even inspired some children to think ahead...“It has always been my dream to work in a bookshop” said Elise. Mrs Allen also said that she could easily work in a bookshop, and could also be an author or illustrator. 

Miss Kate Bowden, Assistant Head & Early Years Lead, said "They were so excited to be given this opportunity and were very sensible on the visit, they represented our school very well!  The excitement in their little eyes was truly special. Happy reading everyone!"

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