Off to London we go!...

Year 5 pupils were recently very fortunate to venture into London to visit the university UCL.
They found out many facts; including 38,500 people attend the university, there are 384 universities in the UK, and 77 in London. They also learnt all about the benefits of going to University in London. 
Children commented:
  • "I liked the activities because we get to write stuff, learn stuff and do stuff"
  • "The lecture was my favourite because it was just fun and I learnt new things" 
  • "It's learning but it's not boring because they don't tell you to do this work and that work, you just listen and write notes that you like"
  • "Learning about the eye was good because I got to learn how it works and how you know if you are colour blind"
Miss Bowden and Miss Maffia hope that all 9 of the pupils who came on the trip go to university and even inspire their friends at Tilbury Pioneer Academy!
The whole day was such a memorable experience, including the train, lectures, campus tour and of course lunch. The pupils once again represented Pioneer so fantastically and Miss Maffia and Miss Bowden could not be prouder. They were so well-behaved, inquisitive and truly excited and grateful to be experiencing such an amazing opportunity.


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