Reception pupils visit the dinosaurs...

Reception pupils recently went on their trip to the Natural History Museum in London. It was thrilling to see the learning come to life. The pupils were amazed to see the mammal shells and the dinosaur fossils with a major highlight being the moving replica of a T-Rex. We were even lucky enough to see some of the London landmarks we have been learning about on our journey to and from the Museum. This included the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Big Ben, which is under construction at the moment. What an amazing opportunity for our reception classes to have!

Parents commented:

“Reception’s trip to the Natural History Museum was brilliant. It was very well organised and every single person enjoyed it. All the children were so excited to make their classroom learning come to life and Miss Bowden and all the other teachers made that happen for the children”.

“It was a brilliant success. The children had such a fab day and behaved so well. It was a pleasure to be able to attend and be a part of it. Thanks to all the fab teachers too!”

“Amazing trip for the children, very well organised. It was an eye opener on how hard the teachers work to make our children happy and secure in their presence. It was a good opportunity for the children to broaden their learning and I could tell that they knew a lot about dinosaurs by pointing and saying the correct names.  As a parent, it was a good opportunity to work alongside tolerant and committed teachers.”

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