Healthy Hydration at Tilbury Pioneer Academy...

This half term at Tilbury Pioneer Academy we are raising awareness of the importance of staying hydrated and drinking lots and lots of water. Of course, to support with this we needed to select some new health advocates to promote such an important thing.

The pupils had to apply for the  position and describe what they would bring to it if they were selected. It was very tricky to choose only one health advocate per class. See below our selected Health Advocates. A big congratulations to:

  • Scarlett Morley- RD
  • Ayo Thompson-RB
  • IY- RM
  • Harley -1A/1O
  • Jemimah -1S
  • Tise- 1F
  • Ashden - 2Q
  • Scarlett M- 2C
  • Agata- 2OE
  • Victoria- 3ON
  • Kai- 4O
  • Faith- 4H
  • Brynie- 4CH
  • Rebecca- 5G

They did such a great job of helping to run the assembly and being amazing assistants to the health nurses that also came in to support the awareness.

Handing out the free water bottles and brochures with information on the front gate was definitely a highlight, including the water bottles that each child has been gifted to ensure they can stay hydrated whilst at school. A big thank you also goes to the Friends of Pioneer for these!

We hope that all children remember the importance of keeping hydrated over the coming months as the weather warms up.

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