Royal Opera House visit Reception children

This week the reception children were able to work on a project with the Royal Opera House. Class RM were able to work with the artist first. We looked at a range of art work scenes that would be found in fairy tales. We created a scene board to start the story. We worked in small groups to create a range of forests and gardens. We then talked about what we would name our art work and which characters we would like to see in each scene. This was then passed to class RS to continue our story.

RS was very excited to have Ms. Elaine, the artist join us for the afternoon. She spoke to RS about making story characters out of clay. Many children in RS had never experienced working with clay before, so they were very eager to get started. Children noted how the clay made their hands white, how it felt hard at the start and then softer as they began to shape and mould their characters. All the children made lots of wonderful creations such as the Gingerbread man, Little Red Riding Hood, Butterflies, Wolves, The Three Little Pigs and many more!

Reception had a fantastic day and cannot wait for Ms. Elaine to come back - it was so fun!