Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club opens from 7.30am. It has a warm and friendly environment enabling children to feel safe, also helping to provide them with a positive start to each day.

As we are part of the healthy eating school programme, we implement nutritional healthy breakfast. Everyday we offer a selection of non sugared cereal, buttered toast and water to drink at a cost of £1.50 per day.

Children are encouraged to become more independent by taking responsibility of making sure they have signed into the breakfast register also by going straight to class to hang coats and book bags on their pegs before they line up for breakfast.

We believe breakfast club helps provide an open opportunity for parents to discuss and share any concerns or worries with us and form positive relationships.

Also to:

  • Improve attendance and punctuality of each child.
  • Promotes social skills for all children.
  • Provides children the opportunity to read and quiz on the accelerated reader programme, enabling them to become a more confident reader.
  • ICT room provides a quiet environment for children to concentrate using a range of math skills on various math challenges. 
  • By providing a healthy breakfast it would improve concentration levels therefore improve academic achievement.

Breakfast Club is open to all children. We are always happy to see new faces. We hope to see you soon.

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  • Children can arrive from this time
  • Sign in with Mrs Harris
  • Take part in activities which vary from day to day on a two week rota basis. These include maths games, word games, puzzles, construction and resources to help with motor skills.


  • Breakfast is served from 8am
  • Children are encouraged to wash their hands using the hand gel provided.
  • They will get a tray, help themselves to drinks/yoghurts/fruit/cereal or line up for toast and clear away their items when they are finished.


  • Tidy up time.


  • Children will be called by year group to line up, collect their belongings and head off to their classes.