Year 1

Autumn Term 1 (2017-18)

Whole school theme: Who's Who?
Year group theme: Hello, I am new here
Big question: I live here - who else lives here?

Topic overview

Our topic for this is half-term is “Hello, I am new here”.  We will be using our geographical skills to investigate places within our locality and other places we know in the wider world.  To help us we will be using simple maps and globes.

In Science we are focussing on plants (flowers and trees) and will be investigating the different types growing around school and in our local area.  We will be looking at the importance of flowers and seeds and will be growing our own items to use for harvest and in our own cookery later in the term!  We will also be developing our design and technology skills to help us design and make our own pizza…mm…delicious!!

Our RE will focus on understanding beliefs and faith in our families and community focusing on the religions Christianity and Islam. In PSHE we will be thinking about risks and ways of staying safe, including online risks within Computing.

Ideas to support your child

Look at maps to find places of interest and talk about the symbols used. 

Draw a map of the journey from home to school.

Ask the children to look at and name the different fruits and vegetables seen when out shopping.  Give the children opportunities to taste new fruits and vegetables.  Encourage children to think about the colours, shapes and textures.

Go on a nature walk to look at the different plants and trees in your local area.

Talk about the changes in the trees / leaves throughout the autumn months.

Collect autumn leaves and compare colours, shapes and sizes.  Can you name the trees that they have come from?

Plant seeds to explore what plants need to grow.

Guide on the side

Think about your journey from home to school.  Create a model showing the route you take.

  • What do you pass on your way to school?
  • How do you travel to school?
  • How long does your journey to school take?
  • Can you give directions from your home to school?


We will be taking a trip to Tesco for their farm to fork trail. This trip will let the children experience just how their food is made when they pick it up at the shops.

More details to come soon. 

Parent and child session

Date to follow.

An exciting opportunity for you to come into school and work with your child.