Year 1

Topic Grid for Parents

Whole School Theme: An Eye on London

Year Group Theme: The Queen


Topic overview:

This half term our theme is a real royal treat… ‘The Queen’ with a whole school focus of an Eye on London. We will be delving into the past in our History unit where we will fully explore ‘The Queen of England’ and look at how things have changed over time since she was born up to the present day. We will also be researching about past Queens and focus on timelines and chronological order. Please have a look at the attached Knowledge organiser for Key information

Our Core Text story books will be full of excitement and we will send them home for you to share. We are sure these exciting narratives and fairy tales will excite and engage the children and will encourage them to re-tell and recite their favourite stories.

During our Maths learning we will continue to use our Numicon resources to support the children. This half term children will be focusing on reading, writing and using teen numbers, to be able to know and use number bonds to 9, 10 and 11 and learn to order two digit numbers. We will also begin classifying numbers as odd and even.  We are beginning to look at 3D shapes and time and learning the concept of days and weeks.

We can’t wait to begin our DT sessions this term we will be focusing on construction and design. The children will be designing a new mode of transport for the Queen, making use of construction kits and building materials. These sessions will link nicely to Science.

In Science we will be carrying out an investigation with materials. The student’s job will be to predict, investigate and discover which material suits which season and purpose.

Year 1’s PE days are Tuesdays. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit ready for these days, and that all jewellery is removed before they come to school. Thank you!

Ideas to support your child:
Children should be reading every day and it must be recorded in their purple Reading Records. This needs only the title of the book read and a parent or guardian signature.

We encourage parents to read with their children as much as possible, especially as in Year 1 the children will be taking the Phonics Screening Check assessing their phonic / reading ability.


We are looking to visit Windsor Castle this term, dates will soon be arranged.

Dates for our parent workshop will also soon be released