Year 2

Summer 1


These assessments will be taking place in the month of May 2019


  • Firstly, don’t worry. In our experience the vast majority of children look forward to showing their teachers what they know. This year we are also making the term fun and will use the acronym, Space Astronaut Training School.


  • This will link closely to our theme “Baboon on the moon” and link to the way that we have decorated our classrooms,
  • The tests are always done in familiar surroundings, with familiar people and in small groups. In total, the tasks and tests should last no longer than 3 hours over the 4-5 weeks they are within; that means at least 150 hours of ‘normal’ school life where PE, Topic, Assemblies all continue.


What can you do to help?

  • Help your child at home, like you have done all year;  
  • Continue to read with your child everyday, particularly focusing on your child’s understanding of the text – remember reading is so much more than the words on the page.
  • Look for opportunities to discuss numbers within the environment, simple addition problems while you’re at the supermarket etc.
  • Play simple spelling games like hangman, eye-spy, complete word searches etc.
  • Make sure your child is ready to learn and not tired when they come to school. Send a water bottle in everyday.
  • Be interested in what your child has been doing at school, encourage them to be inquisitive and solve problems


Topic Grid for Parents

Whole School Theme: Let's Invent.                  Year Group Theme: Baboon on the Moon

Topic overview

Our topic for this half-term is based around the animated film ‘Baboon on the Moon.’

We will be using a range of resources to research baboons and other primates. Children will

also explore the moon as an imaginary habitat, thinking about what might live there, if there were life on the moon. This will lead on to exploring different habitats around the world including a rainforest and a savannah, comparing the difference.

This half term the children will be designing and making a moving vehicle for the Baboon to travel around in. Of course, as the baboon goes on his travels in he will encounter many different weather conditions; so in science, children will investigate insulating materials and explore suitable materials for different climates (Linked to Geography work) e.g. Waterproofing clothes for a rainforest.

Ideas to support your child in our topic areas.

Look at maps, atlases and the internet together locating and discussing contrasting climates, habitats, wild life, and landscapes.


Please Collect and send in any empty boxes/packaging etc. that children can use to make their moving vehicle during the first 2 weeks of term.

Guide on the side project.

This is also linked to our Baboon on the moon topic and will be due in on Monday 20th May 2019


Parent Child session

An “out of this world “session that all parents, carers and family members are invited to.

Wednesday 22nd May 2019


Spring 2

Topic Grid for Parents

Whole School Theme:  Take one picture.       Year Group Theme: Vincent Van Gogh – Starry Night Over The Rhone

Topic overview

Our topic for this half-term is based around the artist Van Gogh.

We will be using a range of resources to research the famous artist.  The children will be finding out about his life and how he became famous. They will also make observations of one of his famous paintings: Starry Night over The Rhone.

Children will also explore techniques of tie dying and weaving.

In science, children will Investigate and describe the basic needs of animals for survival (water, food and air). They will be finding out about the lifecycles of chickens and ducks. They will also be exploring different habitats and identifying why they are suitable for different animals. In Geography, we are going to be learning about our school and its environment. We will explore question such as: Where is our school?  How do you get to school? How long does it take? The children will be looking at a map of the area and of our school and answering questions such as: What can we see on the map? Do you recognise the parts of the school from the map? The children will also be going on a short walk around our local area. They will plan their route and follow a simple map. We will be needing helpers to walk with us. We will let you know as soon as we can our planned date to go.

Ideas to support your child.

Show children pictures and famous paintings by Van Gogh, discuss colour, line and media used. Which is your favourite? Why? Are there any you don’t like? Why?

Observe stars in the sky at night, take phots, and make sketches.

Research the famous artist Van Gogh.

Research the lifecycles of animals. Choose an animal to create a fact file for. Example question to research could be: What do they look like? Where do they live? What do they eat?


Continue to read every day with your child.

Complete our planned homework for reading and maths in the purple book and 2 pages from the text book.

Ensure your child completes their times table challenge each week.

Ensure that your child learns their spellings and writes a sentence for each one in their homework book.



Watch out for chicken eggs arriving in class towards the end of term. The children will be monitoring their progress and recording the changes. We are hoping to become chick mummies and daddies really soon!



Parent and child session.

Date: 03/04/19

Details to follow!



Spring Term 2

The day the Zoo came to town

Year 2 pupils were treated to some very special visitors recently, providing an excellent ending to the Spring Term. We would like to thank the Mobile Zoo for extending our learning on animal lifecycles. We enjoyed our special visitors!

TPA Mobile Zoo 00 TPA Mobile Zoo 01 TPA Mobile Zoo 02
TPA Mobile Zoo 03 TPA Mobile Zoo 04 TPA Mobile Zoo 05
TPA Mobile Zoo 06 TPA Mobile Zoo 07 TPA Mobile Zoo 08
TPA Mobile Zoo 09 TPA Mobile Zoo 10 TPA Mobile Zoo 11
TPA Mobile Zoo 12 TPA Mobile Zoo 13 TPA Mobile Zoo 14
TPA Mobile Zoo 15 TPA Mobile Zoo 16 TPA Mobile Zoo 17
TPA Mobile Zoo 18 TPA Mobile Zoo 19 TPA Mobile Zoo 20
TPA Mobile Zoo 21

Year 2 pupils were invited to write a poem that included repetition, alliterations,
similies and rhyme based in the Literacy and Language lessons.

See below a wonderful piece of work from Taylor!

TPA The Turtle

Vincent Van Gogh


We have some budding artists in our midst! 


As part of our sensational start, Year 2 begin exploring the infamous works of Vincent Van Gogh to begin in answering our big question:

"What if the world we always dark? "


The children explored his biography and the movement of Impressionism to recreate his work, ‘Starry night over the Rhone’.

Spring Term 1

Whole school theme: An eye on London
Year group theme: The Great Fire of London/Materials

Pupils were recently able to compare present and past London on a school trip. As we weaved through the current streets of London in our coach, we saw monuments such as the Gherkin and the Shard. We approached our final destination and caught a glimpse of The Tower of London!

Once inside, we able to truly understand what London might have looked like prior to the Great Fire of London. We then met a provider of the Tower of London, dressed in period clothes, who led us through what was one of the most tragic events in London’s history. Or was it?

Tower of London TPA

Well we entered the new year blazing! 


As a sensational start for our topic ‘The Great Fire of London’,

we designed, built and then burnt houses based on the 17th century model. 


See our video at the bottom of this page - just watch our excitement!


TPA Spr1 Y2 0 TPA Spr1 Y2 1

Topic overview

Our topics for this half-term are “The Great Fire of London” and “Materials”.   

We will be using a range of resources to research The Great Fire of London.  The children will be finding out about when and where it started. They will then sequence the main events and look at reasons why the fire lasted so long/caused so much damage. They will also consider the accuracy of different sources of evidence.

In science the children will learn to distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. They will investigate properties of different materials and learn about some of the ways materials can be changed. They will then apply their learning to the Great Fire of London by considering the materials that are most appropriate for houses when withstanding heat.

Ideas to support your child.

Show children pictures and maps of London and point out famous landmarks.

Visit London for the day and take a bus tour to spot famous landmarks.

Explore materials used for various objects in your home/garden and what makes them a suitable material for that purpose.

Talk about Fire safety with your child and plan a fire escape route/drill together in case of an emergency.

Guide on the side

You need to choose 2 activities from the list in the Guide of the Side document.

Homework projects are due in by Friday 26th January.


Fire! Fire!

We will begin our Great Fire of London topic with our wow days.

The marvellous middle trip/ visit will be confirmed at a later date.

Parent and child session

An opportunity for you to come into school and work with your child.

February 2018: Date and time TBC.

Autumn Term 2

Inspirational Person

Pupils were recently led 'out of the dark' by our inspirational person: 'The lady with the lamp'. In this visit, Florence Nightingale took us on journey from Victorian England to Scutari Hospital in Turkey.

Through role play we then learnt how she became the founder of modern nursing.

TPA Florence Nightingale 0 TPA Florence Nightingale 1 TPA Florence Nightingale 2
TPA Florence Nightingale 3 TPA Florence Nightingale 4 TPA Florence Nightingale 5
TPA Florence Nightingale 6         TPA Florence Nightingale 7

Topic overview

Our topic for this is half-term is “Influential People”. We will be learning about the life and work of Florence Nightingale who was also known as “The lady of the Lamp”. We will be finding out why she went to the Crimea, and what happened as a result of her work.

In science we will be learning about light and electricity. We will identify different light sources and work scientifically to build a circuit to light a light bulb. 

Design and Technology will link with science. We will make a lamp which will light up using the circuits made in our science lessons.

In art we will be mastering drawing techniques. We will explore light and shade using pencil and charcoal.

Our RE lessons will focus on Christianity and Christmas. We will discuss Jesus being a gift from God and consider the question: Why did God give Jesus to the World?

Ideas to support your child

  • Go to the library or research online to find out about Florence Nightingale. When was she born? What was her life like when she was growing up? You could try to find out why she got the name Lady of the lamp.
  • Make a list of different light sources at home and when you are out. Do they use mains electricity or batteries or something else?
  • Research nocturnal animals. What does nocturnal mean? Can you find out some facts about a specific nocturnal animal e.g. owl or bat?
  • Help your child to practice and learn the lyrics for their Christmas performance songs.

You really light up the room Year 2!

Here we are exploring what 'dark' and 'light' means, then using shadows to create drawings.


Parent & Child Session

We had an incredible attendance on our most recent Parent session! Thank you to all parents/carers who helped us make bird houses for our poor parrot, who lost his home in the scurvy sea! Using our seeds for our Science unit, we can now feed him aswell!

TPA Parent & Child Session 0 TPA Parent & Child Session 1 TPA Parent & Child Session 2
TPA Parent & Child Session 3 TPA Parent & Child Session 4 TPA Parent & Child Session 5
TPA Parent & Child Session 6 TPA Parent & Child Session 7 TPA Parent & Child Session 8

Autumn Term 1

Whole school theme: Who's Who?
Year group theme: Here or there?

Topic overview

Our topic for this is half-term is “Here or there?”.  We will be using our geographical skills to learn how pirates worked their way around the UK.  We will be looking at the contrasting locations, such as coastal areas, rural areas, cities, villages and towns. The children will carry out their own research to find out about the location and physical features of these areas. To help us with our research we will be using atlases, information leaflets and the internet. We will also be developing our design and technology and maths skills to help us design our own pirate flags. 

In Science we are focussing on plants and will be investigating what plants need to grow well.  We will be making observations of the plants and trees around school and will be growing our own cress seeds. 

In Art we will be looking at the work of Monet and learning how to use watercolours to paint fantastic landscape scenes.

Our RE will be focussing on how we should care for others and the world and why it matters.

In Personal Development, we will be learning about how to be safe.

Ideas to support your child

  • Look at maps to find places of interest and talk about the symbols used. 
  • Draw a map of the journey from home to school.
  • Talk about the changes in the trees throughout the autumn months.
  • Plant seeds and bulbs to explore what plants need to grow.
  • Go on a nature walk to look at the different plants in your local area.
  • Give the children opportunities to taste new fruits and vegetables.  Discuss where they are from and what part of the plant they are.

Guide on the side

Choose an island around the world to research and produce an information leaflet. 

  • Where is the island located?
  • What is the weather like?
  • What animals and plants are found there?
  • What can visitors do?
  • What are the islands traditions? (Food, clothes, festivals etc)


We will be visiting Horndon on the Hill (see below)

Parent & child session

We will be having a parents showcase at the end of the half term to show all of the wonderful work we have done. (Dates to follow).            

Year 2 go on a 'pirate' adventure to Horndon on the Hill

ARGH ye ready for our next adventure?...

Our pirates recently embarked on a journey to the village Horndon on the Hill. They used their mapping skills to follow the treasure map to the marked location. During their journey they considered some key physical and human features and compared these to the ones we have in our town of Tilbury!

They even found treasure after following directions to where 'x' marked the spot! 

TPA Horndon Y2 8 TPA Horndon Y2 7
TPA Horndon Y2 6 TPA Horndon Y2 5
TPA Horndon Y2 4 TPA Horndon Y2 3
TPA Horndon Y2 2 TPA Horndon Y2 1
TPA Horndon Y2 9 TPA Horndon Y2 0

Well shiver me timbers! Look who has joined us in year 2!

Pirates came from far and wide to welcome in the new academic year today. But before they could begin their journey they needed to ensure they were ready. The ship was was geared, but one thing was missing! A flag!

After learning about the purpose of flags and researching current flags, the children set on a mission to create their own personalised flags. Using their design skills, they decided upon symbols that represent their personality and sketched them on a flag template. Next, they used their mathematical skills to measure and cut materials inline with their flag measurements. Finally, the children explained their flags meaning and recorded it in their books to share with anyone who might want to know.

I hope they ARGH ready for their journey now!

TPA Shiver me Timbers Y20

TPA Shiver me Timbers Y21 TPA Shiver me Timbers Y22
TPA Shiver me Timbers Y23