Year 2

Autumn Term 1 (2017-18)

Year 2 go on a 'pirate' adventure to Horndon on the Hill

ARGH ye ready for our next adventure?...

Our pirates recently embarked on a journey to the village Horndon on the Hill. They used their mapping skills to follow the treasure map to the marked location. During their journey they considered some key physical and human features and compared these to the ones we have in our town of Tilbury!

They even found treasure after following directions to where 'x' marked the spot! 

TPA Horndon Y2 8 TPA Horndon Y2 7
TPA Horndon Y2 6 TPA Horndon Y2 5
TPA Horndon Y2 4 TPA Horndon Y2 3
TPA Horndon Y2 2 TPA Horndon Y2 1
TPA Horndon Y2 9 TPA Horndon Y2 0

Well shiver me timbers! Look who has joined us in year 2!

Pirates came from far and wide to welcome in the new academic year today. But before they could begin their journey they needed to ensure they were ready. The ship was was geared, but one thing was missing! A flag!

After learning about the purpose of flags and researching current flags, the children set on a mission to create their own personalised flags. Using their design skills, they decided upon symbols that represent their personality and sketched them on a flag template. Next, they used their mathematical skills to measure and cut materials inline with their flag measurements. Finally, the children explained their flags meaning and recorded it in their books to share with anyone who might want to know.

I hope they ARGH ready for their journey now!

TPA Shiver me Timbers Y20

TPA Shiver me Timbers Y21 TPA Shiver me Timbers Y22
TPA Shiver me Timbers Y23