Year 2

Topic Grid for Parents Spring 1 2020

Whole School Theme:  An Eye on London     Year Group Theme: The Great Fire Of London/Materials.

Topic overview

Our topics for this half-term are “The Great Fire of London” and “Materials”.    

We will be using a range of resources to research The Great Fire of London.  The children will be finding out about when and where it started. Sequencing the main events and looking at reasons why the fire lasted so long/caused so much damage. They will also think about how we know so much about the past e.g. from eyewitness accounts (Samuel Pepys diary) and paintings. The Attached knowledge organiser will show you the key information that will help.

In science children will learn to distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. They will investigate properties of different materials. They will learn about some of the ways materials can be changed and that heating can cause changes which produce materials which are often useful.

Ideas to support your child.

Show children pictures and maps of London and point out famous landmarks.

Visit London for the day and take a bus tour to spot famous landmarks.

Explore materials used for various objects in your home/garden and what makes them a suitable material for that purpose.

Talk about Fire safety with your child and plan a fire escape route/drill together in case of an emergency.

Guide on the side

You need to choose 2 activities from the list in the Guide of the Side document. They must be from different areas of the curriculum.

Homework projects are due in by Friday 31st January


Fire! Fire!

We began our Great Fire of London topic on WOW day. We constructed models of Tudor houses and will be recreating Pudding Lane with a little surprise! We will also be visiting the Tower of London on 28th January 2020


Parent and child session

An opportunity for you to come into school and work with your child.

Date 13th February