Year 4

Autumn Term 2

Whole school theme: Influential People
Year group theme: Elizabeth I

Topic overview

Our fiction focus this half term in Literacy is Play Scripts.  Children will be reading, performing and writing play scripts based on a Vietnamese folk tale.  Our non-fiction unit will concentrate on learning the features of Information Texts.

In maths we will begin with developing knowledge of shape and then move on to mental methods of addition, while in music we're learning both well-known and original songs for our Christmas Production. We will be focussing on clarity of diction, the dynamics of the song and performance techniques. Children will also continue clarinet lessons.

In science we are looking at states of matter - by the end of the term the children should be able to compare and group material together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases, be able to observe that some material change state when they are heated or cooled, and to be able to identify the part played by evaporation, condensation in the water cycle and associate the rate of evaporation with temperature.

In art we will be learning about portraiture and looking for inspiration from famous portraits. We will explore traditional and modern methods of creating a portrait and use the ideas gathered to create a portrait of ourselves.

In Religion we are exploring Christianity and the Christmas story- by the end of the term children should be able to understand the definition of symbolism, understand the important events that occur in the Christmas story and the symbolism within it, understand what the different parts of a Christingle symbolise and express what the Christmas story means to Christians today by designing their own Christmas decoration and Christingle.

This term in History we are exploring the Elizabethan Era and Elizabeth I. Children will get to investigate the ‘Golden Age’ of British history by investigating the influence of Queen Elizabeth I as well as the lives of those living in Elizabethan England. 

The theme in PSHE is bullying and the unit covers ‘what is bullying?’ ‘types of bullying’ ’how does bullying make all those involved feel?’  ‘How can we support people who are bullied?’

In PE children will be exploring gymnastics, focussing on moving with control and awareness of space, and refining movements into sequences to include varying speed, direction, level and body rotation during floor performances.

Year 4’s PE day is Tuesday.  Please ensure that your child has their PE kit ready on this day (black shorts, Purple/white t-shirt, black plimsolls, black tracksuit bottoms for outside PE), and that all jewellery is removed before they come to school.  Thank you.

Guide on the Side Homework

This half term’s homework is linked to our history topic on Elizabeth I. Children will need to complete two activities and will have a choice of writing a letter, creating a presentation, designing a throne or making a royal crown.

Ideas to support your child

Children should be reading every day, recorded in their Purple Reading Records to receive a stamp. 

Reading comprehension is to be completed weekly as well as practising spellings and x tables.

A written task is given fortnightly which needs to be completed to a high standard. Children should also write their spellings in sentences to ensure they understand the meaning of new vocabulary.


  • 7th December Year 4 visit to Tilbury Fort linked to our history topic on Elizabeth I.
  • 7th December Christmas Markets (Come and try some delicious food from around the world made by the children.)
  • 13th December Year 4 & 5 Christmas concert.

Autumn Term 1

Whole School Theme: Who's Who?
Year Group Theme: Pakistan

Topic overview

This half term Year 4 will be focusing on the country of Pakistan through a range of different subject areas.

During our topic sessions children will look in detail at Pakistan and make comparisons with the UK. This will include examining location, population and climate as well as cultural differences between the two countries including a food tasting session!

Textiles will be a focus in the Art and Design and Technology sessions where children will be given the opportunity to explore textiles and patterns linked to our topic work and then design and produce a bag or purse.

English will focus on stories set in different cultures (i.e. Pakistan) and a persuasive script which provides children with the opportunity to write a script to advertise a film to a specific audience. The core text will be linked to Thurrock Trailblazers and the Royal Opera House to create and Sing Carmen.

Maths will continue to use the Numicon scheme with particular focus this half term on revising calculation methods for adding and subtracting as well as securing key number facts and strategies; while Science this half term provides children with the opportunity to find out more about teeth, digestion and eating.

It will be an exciting time in PE where children will be looking at multi-cultural dance linked to our topic and also be learning how to play hockey. PE days in year 4 are on Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure that your child has their full PE kit ready for these days and that all jewellery is removed before they come to school. Thank you!

Ideas to support your child

All children are expected to read at home with an adult for at least 10 minutes each day.  This should include a range of text types.  Please also encourage and support your child to complete their Guide on the Side homework to a high standard.

Letters regarding spelling and times tables will follow shortly.

Guide on the side

This half term’s homework is linked to our science topic: ‘Animals including humans’ which is linked to the whole school theme of: ‘Who’s who?’

Children are to research 1 organ in the body – they can choose which. They will need to find out what it does in the body to keep us alive and well, and present any other interesting facts they have found out.


This half term children will have the opportunity to taste some Asian food and then be taught how to make their own vegetable samosas as part of our Open futures/Cook it programme.

As part of our Science topic, we are also hoping to take the children for a visit to a local dentist to find out more about looking after our teeth.

Parent and child session


Our Parent – Child Sessions enable children to share examples of their work with parents and gives parents an opportunity to take part in some of the activities with their child. The session will be a celebration of the learning that has taken place this half term.

Our Year 4 pupils have started to learn the clarinet with
Thurrock Music Services and they are thoroughly enjoying it!
TPA Clarinets