Year 5

Autumn Term 2

Whole school Theme: Influential People
Big Question: Was it really one small step?


Literacy and Language Unit 4: Story writing in the style of Jeremy Strong, Biography of Anthony Horowitz

Core Text: The BFG; recount of a dream, balanced argument


  • Negative numbers
  • Mental methods of multiplication and division
  • Expressing remainders as fraction 
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Statistics


Children learn about the history of space exploration including the Cold War and the whether the moon landing was a hoax. They consider each space mission and its significance in the moon landing.


Children learn about the planets in the solar system; their relative sizes and distances from the sun, their orbit around the sun. They also learn about the phases of the moon including why there is day and night


Children will learn about how different religions show their beliefs including where they worship and which symbols are important.


Children will consider the different types of bullying. How to recognise these and how to deal with this appropriately.


Children will be preparing for their Christmas performances.


Children will be working in the style of Kandinsky.

Autumn Term 1

Whole school theme: Who's Who?
Year group theme: Journey or Destination?


The children will be following the Language and Literacy programme:

  • Literacy and Language Unit 5 fiction – a story from another culture.
  • Literacy and language Unit 5 non-fiction – non-chronological report.
  • Core Text – Journey to Jo’burg. Children will be learning about apartheid through this story told by Beverley Naidoo. They will be writing a biography and diary entry.


As well as daily times table practice children will be learning:

  • Reading and writing numbers up to 1 million and the value of each digit.
  • Understand decimals and decimal notation in the context of measures
  • Identifying and generalising about patterns.
  • Mental methods for addition and subtraction.


  • We will be investigating the different places in Africa, locating Africa and geographical features on a map. We will compare Kenya and South Africa, looking at traditions and contrasting geographical features.


Our African adventure will continue into our PE lessons with the children participating in and creating African dances, as well as improving our basketball skills.

Please ensure that your child’s PE uniform is in school every day. 


Children will continue to work scientifically while learning about MATERIALS:

They will learn about:

  • How to compare and group together everyday materials based on their properties
  • Investigate particular uses of everyday materials, including metals, wood and plastic.
  • Plan enquiries, including recognising and controlling variables where necessary.


We will also be exploring music and the children will have the opportunity to play and create music using drums.


Living in the wider world

Children will learn:

  • Identify own and others skills and strengths and recognise how they complement each other
  • Talk about their hopes for the future and the skills they might need
  • Communicate effectively
  • Recognise influences of their decision making


Why do some people think God exist?

Children will:

  • understand practices and lifestyles
  • explain the practices and lifestyles involved in belonging to a faith community.
  • compare and contrast the lifestyles of different faith groups and give reasons why some within the same faith may adopt different lifestyles.
  • understand values 


  • Introduction to J2E
  • E-Safety

Art and Design

Will be continuing with the topic of Africa during Art and Design and Design Technology to create African artwork, masks and jewellery.

*Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be handed in the following Wednesday.*