Team Members


  • Mrs D Ager

    Mrs D Ager

    PPA/Leadership Cover
    Lead LSA (English)

  • Miss R Ager

    Miss R Ager

    LSA Year 5

  • Mrs J Alleeson

    Mrs J Alleeson

    PPA/Additional Cover; Year 3-5
    Lead LSA (Maths)

  • Mrs L Ashburn

    Mrs L Ashburn

    LSA Year 1

  • Mrs J Baker

    Mrs J Baker

    LSA Reception

  • Mrs J Bowman

    Mrs J Bowman

    LSA Year 3

  • Mrs C Bruton

    Mrs C Bruton

    LSA Year 1

  • Miss A Jordan

    Miss A Jordan

    One to One LSA
    After School Provision Lead

  • Miss L Lumbard

    Miss L Lumbard

    One to One LSA

  • Ms C Maffia

    Ms C Maffia

    LSA Year 3

  • Miss E McLaughlin

    Miss E McLaughlin

    Student LSA Reception

  • Mrs J Moss

    Mrs J Moss

    LSA Year 5

  • Mrs H Paduraru

    Mrs H Paduraru

    EAL Lead

  • Mrs V Perskaudiene

    Mrs V Perskaudiene


  • Mrs C Redford

    Mrs C Redford

    LSA Year 4

  • Mrs T Shah

    Mrs T Shah

    LSA Year 2

  • Miss D Sherman

    Miss D Sherman


  • Mrs L Spurgeon

    Mrs L Spurgeon

    LSA Year 2
    Open Futures Lead

  • Mrs K Stenning

    Mrs K Stenning

    One to One LSA

  • Mrs A Taiwo

    Mrs A Taiwo

    LSA Nursery

  • Mrs J Tobin

    Mrs J Tobin

    LSA Year 1

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