Inclusion Provision

Staff at Tilbury Pioneer Academy recognise that all pupils should have equality of opportunity and access to the curriculum and wider activities of the learning community.  We are committed to the principles that no child will have their opportunities limited due to gender, academic ability, ethnicity, faith, disability, socio‐economic condition, appearance or sexual orientation.

We are also fully committed to the principle that no pupil should be subject to bullying or discrimination due to gender, academic ability, ethnicity, faith, disability, socio‐economic condition, appearance or sexual orientation.

The Academy recognises that equality of opportunity may mean unequal distribution of resources to ensure gaps are closed and achievement for all.  

In simple terms all our staff, governors and volunteers promote a fair, inclusive ethos where all children feel safe, happy and ready to learn. 

The Inclusion Team’s role is to promote understanding and resilience for all children to cope with a variety of life events. We work closely with our families to identify then reduce barriers learning.  This is consolidated in The Pioneer Way ethos and supporting documents.

We respond to need

We listen to our children and their families.  Whether it is a short term worry or concern, and we respond by working one to one with a pupil or group of students or a long term situation, and we respond by negotiating a support plan working collaboratively with other agencies and specialist advisors (when needed) we strive to ensure our children, their families and our staff have a ‘listening ear’.

We rigorously maintain and reinforce the systems that recognises success and outstanding commitment to learning, including awards for Great Learning Behaviours and exhibiting our Core Values. 

If conduct is interrupting learning in a classroom, the pupil will be moved to ‘think’ and given time and direction to return to learning promptly.  If they do not take this opportunity they will be moved to ‘yellow’ and escorted to a partner class to reflect on their learning skills.  This ensures all pupils have a classroom environment conducive to learning and the disengaged child’s needs can be recorded and they can reflect for a short time, in a different environment, before returning to learning in their class.  We monitor class yellow books regularly and provide additional support and motivation for children to embed considerate conduct and personal skills for learning. 

For some children, accessing the CALM Zone provides the opportunity to reflect and learn from a challenging situation. 

In the unlikely event there is a serious concern relating to a child’s safety or well-being, we follow Thurrock Safeguarding Board protocols to keep all young members of our community safe from immediate or long-term harm.   

We work as part of the extended support team to provide:

  • Breakfast Club
  • After School Clubs  (sports, creative, reading and working parents provision)
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Enrichment projects (poetry, choir, forest visits, etc).
  • Leadership opportunities (House Captain, School Council, Lunchtime Leaders, Anti-bullying Buddies etc).  
  • Family learning (in-house via drop-ins and planned activities and working with Thurrock Adult College)  
  • Parent support  (including advocate support, ‘Come to Lunch’ & ‘Come to Breakfast’ invites each term)
  • Planning targeted support for small group of pupils in their class and/or Nurture Group provision
  • Responding to individual educational and/or emotional need

We work closely with all providers in the local area to support our children and their families to access a variety of supportive interventions that enhance family life, both in school and in the wider community.   

Mrs Axten      Inclusion Manager
Miss Bartlett Child and Family Ambassador
Mrs Bell Inclusion Advocate
Mrs Duligall Inclusion Advocate