Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson1

House Captains

TPA House Captains 4


“I would like to get more equipment by fundraising. 
Help play time monitors. Have coffee
week to raise money to books.”

TPA House Captains 7


“To go outside and read. Bring in some pets for a day. 
Make more trips to the zoo. In science, to go outside
to try to find something that you are learning about.”

Key Dates

1836 – Elizabeth was born

1841 – Elizabeth moved with her family to Aldeburgh, Suffolk

1850 – Elizabeth was sent to boarding school in Blackheath, London

1859 – Elizabeth decided she wanted to become a doctor so became a nurse at Middlesex hospital and snuck into the lectures for men

1865 – Elizabeth passed her Apothecaries exam and started a medical practise in London

1870 – After learning French Elizabeth went to Paris and got her medical degree

1871 – Elizabeth got married to James Anderson

1872 – Elizabeth opened the New Hospital for Women in London

1873 – Elizabeth was allowed to become a member of the British Medical Association, making her the first British woman doctor

1902 – Elizabeth retired and moved back to Aldeburgh, Suffolk

1908 – Elizabeth was elected mayor of Aldeburgh, making her the first woman mayor in England

1908 – Elizabeth was nearly arrested for protesting as a Suffragette

1912 – Elizabeth daughter, Louisa, was sent to prison for protesting

1917 – Elizabeth died and was buried in Aldeburgh