Governing Body

The Governing Body is the responsible body for Tilbury Pioneer Academy. Members are listed below:

Mrs M Bentley (Sponsor)
Bentley, Maureen (Mrs)
Mr J Jardine (Community)
Vice Chair
TPA FOP Team 0
Ms D Pierson
Clerk to the Governors
Pierson, Diane (Ms)
Mrs V Reid
Deputy CEO (GLC)
GLC Deputy CEO Viki Reid
Mr D George
Head of School
George, Dan
Mrs C Bignell
Deputy Head of School
Bignell, Catherine (Mrs)
Mr F Adeusi (Community) Male Silouette for website
Mrs A Taylor (Community) Taylor, Allison (Mrs)
Lynda Pritchard (Staff) Pritchard, Lynda (Mrs)

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TPA Register of Interests