Character, Culture, Personal Development and Well-Being

Intent: the character, culture, personal development and well-being curriculum will ensure that all pupils:

  • Learn to develop their well-being, resilience, character and in-order to be confident, aspirational, resilient, high-achieving, healthy, caring and fulfilled members of a diverse and truly equal society. 
  • Develop the skills and knowledge about rights and responsibilities in order to appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse community;
  • Will know how to keep themselves and others safe;
  • Develop critical thinking skills in-order to make informed choices based on knowledge gained.


| can use my critical thinking skills in order to make informed choices and stay safe

I appreciate the diversity of my community and understand my rights and responsibilities

I will become a good citizen by adopting the GLC values

[Pupils’ version]


Teachers will:

  • Model and teach the GLC values;
  • Plan and deliver lessons to enable pupils to use vocabulary to communicate confidently, intelligently, empathetically and to develop and justify personal opinions and choices;
  • Choose and use published schemes and materials to enhance the curriculum;
  • Weave all aspects of CCPDW into all areas of curriculum planning;
  • Plan discrete units such as Sex and Relationships Education;
  • Consistently apply rewards and consequences as shown in the behaviour policy;
  • Exploit opportunities through classrooms and whole school display;
  • Enrich the curriculum by identifying influential people and experts to use as role models and choosing outside speakers, visitors and visits that develop all aspects of CCPDW;
  • Assess and provide opportunities to create a climate that promotes equality and removes barriers, especially for minority groups and those underachieving;
  • Ensure there are a range of position of responsibilities for all pupils and actively support the academy councils;
  • Liaise with other agencies such as local authority health teams;
  • Work with parents to enable them to support their child’s CCPDW;
  • Refer pupils as appropriate to inclusion services within and beyond their own academy.



Pupils will:

  • Have healthy and loving relationships into adult life;
  • Have a can do attitude to secure and retain employment;
  •  Live within the social norms to be responsible and respectful members of society;
  • Be able to deal with hardships with resilience and positivity;
  • Maintain physical habits and health.