Design & Technology


Design and technology



D&T represents one of the earliest forms of human creative and problem solving:

it remains the same today even in a highly technological world

Intent: the design and technology curriculum will ensure that all pupils:

  • Learn specialist skills through the use of tools, machines and equipment using a wide range of materials, foods and ingredients;
  • Research, design, make and evaluate a range of products through an iterative process to solve real and relevant problems;
  • With confidence and ability, apply their skills in everyday situations.  They will be resilient in the face of failure and will experience a sense of pride and achievement when they succeed. 


I understand the importance of nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and have the skills to make a variety of balanced meals.

I can research, design, make and evaluate a range of products to innovatively solve real and relevant problems and understand how technology is shaping our world.

Pupils’ version



Teachers will:

  • Plan and deliver a scheme of work across technology disciplines [including Food] that develops pupils’ creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world;
  • Teachers planning will:
  • Focus the planning on the implement of the design and manufacturing process through increasingly complex and challenging projects as pupils’ progress through school;
  • Ensure pupils develop the skills to plan and execute a project from beginning to end;
  • Ensure pupils develop the skills to follow written and verbal instructions;
  • Ensure that pupils always work safely;
  • Whenever possible teach the necessary theoretical knowledge through practical application and expert modelling; 
  • Engineer opportunities of pupils to work in teams as well as independently;
  • Inculcate an appreciation of quality craftsmanship, design and functionality sometimes within a cultural and historic context;
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to learn to effectively communicate their design ideas and increasingly make use of technical language to critique, evaluate and test their ideas and products and that of others;



Pupils will:

  • Have a life-long passion for the subject and will want to achieve well; 
  • Plan and successfully execute practical DIY tasks at home;
  • Have sense of wonder and enquiry about the technological world;
  • Have the skills, knowledge, understanding and personal qualities to fully realise a design / job brief.