Science helps us to understand our world through observation and experiment and is the key vehicle to respond to societal and global challenges

Intent: the science curriculum will ensure that all pupils:

  • Acquire the skills knowledge and understanding to develop a wonder and curiosity about the natural world and the world around them;
  • Through the exploration of biology, chemistry and physics, will become rational thinkers and will understand how science has impacted on their world and their lives;
  • Understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, and analyse causes and data to draw conclusions;
  • Understand the role of science in our future health and prosperity. 


Pupils’ version

I will develop an understanding of the world [physical and natural] around me through logical thinking and experimentation. 

I will have comprehensive understanding of how the human body works.



Teachers will:

  • Model how to be a scientist at every opportunity;
  • Develop a coherent scheme of work that integrates the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This will include areas such as:
  1. Living thing: plants, animals and humans;
  2. Evolution and inheritance;
  3. Investigation of materials;
  4. Forces and the physical world [including the earth’s movement in space, electricity etc];
  • Plan lessons allowing for a wide range of scientific enquiry, including the following:
  1.  Establish a hypothesis;
  2. Undertake comparative and fair testing;
  3. Research using secondary sources;
  4. Observe and accurately record data to obtain results over time;
  5. Seek patterns, classify and group;
  6. Analyse data to draw conclusions and evaluate the process;
  • Systematically plan and teach pupils to understand and use correct scientific vocabulary; to talk confidently and to apply their literacy and numeracy skills; 
  • Ensure that all pupils know how to access all parts of the curriculum safely;
  • Effectively integrate key knowledge about influential scientists where most meaningful;
  • Employ technology and resources in the classroom to enable pupils to work scientifically and to bring the curriculum to enhance the curriculum.  


Pupils will:

  • Have a detailed knowledge of the fundamentals of science and will secure the skills needed to be a scientist and as a result, will achieve well;
  • Recognise the positive impact that science plays in their lives in areas such physical and sexual health, reproduction and sustainability; 
  • Understand that the only way to solve the major issues facing the human race and the planet is to work collaboratively through science to find solutions;
  • Demonstrate a lifelong awe and wonder for the world in which they live.