The School Nursing team recently visited Year 1 and Year 2 pupils at Tilbury Pioneer Academy to show a fun way of teaching them the importance of hand washing and demonstrate effective hand washing techniques. 

Firstly, the children had applied a special lotion to their hands and then washed this off.  They then placed their hands under an inspection cabinet whereby any remaining lotion would light up under a fluorescent light. This demonstrated how ‘well’ or ‘not’ they had washed their hands.  We are sure they were surprised with the results!

The children then participated and demonstrated a technique on how to wash their hands thoroughly and effectively.   Staff at Pioneer would like parents and carers to further encourage the importance of hand hygiene as part of their child’s daily routine.

TPA Year 2 Handwashing 0 TPA Year 2 Handwashing 1 TPA Year 2 Handwashing 2
TPA Year 2 Handwashing 3  TPA Year 2 Handwashing 4