Autumn Term 1 (2017-18)

Topic: Sing a song & All about me!

Welcome to Nursery! We are so excited for what is certainly going to be a year full of learning and exploring. It has been wonderful welcoming back our older children and hearing all about their holidays. It has also been a real pleasure in giving a huge welcome to all our new friends and families to the nursery. The children have all been so brave and are settling in amazingly. We are really proud of the way that they have settled quickly into their learning. We understand it isn’t always easy leaving your precious children with us, especially if they are a little upset as you leave. We can assure you it doesn’t take them long in finding their footing and we soon find them engaging in learning and play experiences and before we know it they will be confidently and comfortably exploring our exciting space.

Our themes for this term will be ‘Sing a Song’ and ‘All About Me!’. We will be learning and singing different nursery rhymes and investigating who we are and what makes us unique, looking at our features through self-portraits.  This is a perfect way to start our school year as we greet new and old friends and establish and re-establish friendships. We will be using mirrors and discussion to help us with these portraits, talking about eye and hair colour and what makes us special and unique.  We will also be touching on our feelings and emotions, what makes us happy and sad as children start adjusting to their new and exciting routine.

Early literacy

With our topic “Sing a Song” we are looking at important early learning literacy conventions such as rhyme, vocabulary and sentence structure. We will also be exploring books to do with our nursery rhyme themes looking at farming books, transport books and space books. Children are enjoying engaging with books and exploring book conventions such as how to hold the book up the right way, which way to turn the page, predicting what will happen next in the story and being able to recall events that took place after reading a book. Reading is a great way to inspire interest and an important step in early literacy learning. We will be giving reading logs to children and every week we invite them to take a book home to read to be returned the following week. Please ensure you fill in their reading log daily as we have an exciting reading challenge happening this year!

Early numeracy

Mathematics in the nursery is very play based and hands on. The opportunities provided give children a great understanding on the real life application of maths. We also ensure we have rich math language learning environments so that children become familiar with words such as capacity, number, shapes etc. This term in our math carpet sessions we have a focus around introducing the fundamental skills of maths. We are looking at number with a focus on counting, recognising and writing numbers. We will also be exploring positional language using language such as beside, on top and under. We will be using numicon as a tool to teach number and to assist children in their learning. We start our sessions with counting and looking at the calendar. At home you could invite your child to count different things around the house and practice writing their numbers. The number rhymes can be found in your child’s homework book,. This will help them with correct formation.

Expressive Arts and Design

This term we will be exploring art and creativity in different forms. We are creating stars as well as starting our self-portraits using different mediums. These include pencils, charcoal pencils, pastels and paints. Children will have the opportunity to colour mix as they begin looking closely at different shades of eye colours and hair. This will help reflect how special and unique we all are.  At home you could encourage your child to draw or paint pictures of themselves or other family members.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This term we are focusing on feeling a sense of belonging in our classroom. For some children it is their first experiences in a context such as this so we are supporting them to feel valued and welcomed. We have also been starting to talk about the importance of friends and how we should be interacting with each other; including gentle and kindness, sharing and introducing the class expectations. The environment has many opportunities for children to collaborate, share dialogue, speech and foster relationship building. At home you could play board games, or encourage your child to talk about what they like at school and who their friends are.

Physical development

Children are always encouraged in developing their gross and fine motor skills by being able to choose resources outside including, balls, bats, hoops, frisbees and bikes.  We will be playing circle games, encouraging children to make sure that they are moving safely and looking for spaces. Children will have many opportunities to practice their cutting skills and manual dexterity by bead threading and using the tweezers to pick up smaller objects.

Class Dojo

This year we will be using class dojo as a tool in the classroom. As a parent you are able to connect virtually with the nursery class. Please look out for a notice in the coming week about how to connect with us. This is a way for the teachers to communicate important notices as well as share photos with you. We are looking forward to implementing this in the class!

If you have any questions please see one of us on the door or make an appointment.

We are looking forward to what will be a busy and exciting term of learning!!!



Please ensure you clearly label every single piece of clothing, including coats. We have a lost property box at the door. Please remember to have a look through occasionally. We recommend bringing in a PE bag with a spare change of clothes all labelled which can stay on their peg. Please remember that studs are the only appropriate earrings to be worn at school.

Drink bottles

Please feel free to bring in named drink bottles with water only in them. Juice is not appropriate for nursery.

Wet play

Please bring in a suitable waterproof coat and wellington boots so that your child can take part in all experiences outside, whatever the weather.

Book bags

Please ensure your child brings this in each day to nursery and that they go home each night. We do put important letters and notices in there most days.

Home Reading

Please read with your child every night and record reading in their purple reading log.

Miss Stevenson, Mrs Brunton, Miss Cowell, and Mrs Taiwo.

TPA Aut1 N


Sports Day for Nursery

Tilbury Pioneer Nursery had a fantastic sports afternoon! The children all enjoyed participating in various sporting events and challenges. We saw some rising stars in the running races, fantastic jumping in the hurdles and a lot of strong throwing arms in the bean bag games.

A big thank you to the parents who came to support their children and our afternoon.

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