EAL Courses

English as an Additional Language Provison at Tilbury Pioneer Academy

TPA EAL Course Tutor and Mentors

Course Tutors and Mentors pictured above, left to right - Lubica Malovcova (GLC EAL lead), Dr Minakshi Sehgal (Course Tutor), Anca Visanu, Allison Axten (inclusion Manager)

We would like to share the success of our EAL group led by Anca Visanu. Anca is a parent who has returned to learning as her daughter started at Tilbury Pioneer Academy; she is studying Health and Social Care at the London College in association with the University of Derby. 

Anca has recently led a 6 week course to support EAL parents to develop skills and confidence to help their children to learn. They focused on:

  • Information gathering TPA weekly newsletter and accessing the website.    
  • Accessing information Visited the local library to look at resource and to sign up.
  • Assessing their skills Visited Learn Direct in Grays for assessment and discussions.
  • Considering suitable courses Signing up and starting immediately.
  • Presenting the findings of the course To attendees, mentor and tutor.


This has been an outstanding success for the participants and all credit to Anca’s amazing commitment to her fellow parents. Anca has met with Lubica Malovcova (GLC EAL lead) to extend the invitation for the next course to other EAL parents throughout the GLC.     

We are very proud to support Anca and wish her success with her professional development. Keep an eye on the left hand tab to see the next available course!

TPA EAL Course Tutor and Attendees

Pictured above left to right: Enge Asper (Parent), Adrianne Wronska (Parent), Minakshi Sehgal (Course Tutor), Anca Visanu and Gabriela Bancila (Parent)