Intent:  Remove social and emotional barriers to learning, improve well-being and develop aspirations



Over three quarters of pupils enter the school with speech,  language and communication/reading/writing and maths skills below age-related expectations.



  • Additional LSAs focusing on key skills (reading, writing and maths) in reception and key stage 1 as part of the additional learning periods (ALPs) programme

·         Subscription to language link

·         Subscription to Unlocking Language intervention

·         Additional classroom teacher in the Early Years

·         Read, Write, Inc phonics training for all staff leading a phonics group

·         £ 13,544




·         £ 426

·         £1820

·         £31,224

  • £ 4,080
  1. Reception data

Baseline: September 2018


Pupil premium 42.9% at age related


At the end of the year



92.9% at age related  

This is an increase of 50% from September to July

  1. My Book Blog data



For all year groups (where the children are able to access the programme,) there is a clear increase in the number of quality books read.


  1. Reading outcomes: Phonics, key stage 1 and key stage 2 :

Yr 1

All: 73.5%PP 70%

Yr 2

All 90.5%  PP  87%


All children reached Board targets and  were exceeded in reading


This was the school’s first set of Year 6 data. All areas were above the national results with the combined results for English and Maths being well above national.


  1. Oracy development – Non-negotiables embedded


Displayed in all classrooms. Rise and shine is well established across the school. Recognised in progress board walks and lesson observations.



Some disadvantaged pupils have underachieved in previous years of their education and therefore have gaps in their learning.





  • Part funding for Deputy Head salary responsible for disadvantaged pupils: Strategic planning/development of whole school approach/implementation of policy & learning passports

·         Additional year 6 teacher employed to target gaps as part of Pixl therapies.

·         Subscription to ‘My Book Blog’ to foster a love of reading/build vocabulary

·         Subscription to My Maths (Targeted Y6  intervention)

·         1 LSA per year group specifically working with targeted disadvantaged pupils

  • Pixl (Partners in excellence) Subscription including associate visits.

·        Waterstones visits to promote the love of reading: Y2/Y6


·         £20,998





·         £ 24,353


·         £1008


·         £ 325








  1. Percenatge of chn passing Phonics screening test

Yr 1

All: 73.5%PP 70%

Yr 2

All 90.5%  PP  87%

  1. Percentage of chn at ARE in Reading/Writing and Maths at KS1 and KS2








Some pupils make slow progress because of social and emotional issues beyond the school.



·         Funding for inclusion advocate providing pastoral support, removing barriers to learning and alternative provision through alternative provision.

·         Thurrock Turnaround Centre (Alternative  provision run by the Local Authority)

·         Counselling

·         Forest Schools – Therapeutic intervention

·         Breakfast club  

·         Hardship fund: Shoes/Uniform/PE kit, etc.

·         Milk/Fruit/Vegetables subsidised

·         Swimming subsidised

·         £ 21,023




·         £ 18,025

·         £1,000

·         £ 3,000

·         £ 5,000

·         £1,000

·         £1,000

·         £ 6,000

  1. Counselling –

Two of our inclusion advocates are trained counsellors. Interventions include Drawing and Talking groups, supported lunchtimes and social skills interventions. Incidents of poor behaviour both in class and outside in the playgrounds are diminishing.

  1. Swimming attendance figures/achievement

240 children accessed at least 10 weeks of swimming

  1. Breakfast club numbers

Numbers vary from day to day. All children are recorded and the provision regularly has over 30 children.In an average week, 8 children that are PP attend.




 Attendance for disadvantaged pupils remains below the national average for ‘all other pupils’ and therefore is a barrier to learning and progress.




·         EWO

·         Attendance ambassadors

·         Attendance incentives/rewards

  • Engagement with STEP programme


·         £ 9,155

·         £ 8,885

·         £ 2,000

Impact measure

TPA Attendance for disadvantaged compared to national – TPA 93.4% (National 94.3%)

TPA Number of visits from attendance ambassadors – 198 AA visits

Number of prosecutions (GLC and not specific to TPA)- GLC were 69 court prosecutions with 299 Penalty Notices issued






Some disadvantaged pupil’s enter school with low aspirations and a lack of cultural enrichment.




·         More able - Brilliant club & aspirational visits

·         Curriculum enrichment opportunities – Trips/Visits

·         Music service

·         Royal Opera House – Trailblazer programme

·         Celebration events linked to engagement with pupil learning passports targeting disadvantaged pupils


·         £ 1,928

·         £ 7,500

·         £ 3,162

·         £900 £500


  1. More Able reports/certificates

The topic for the children was “Was is Fairness?”, and this was the title for their final assignment.

All children completed a final assignment with a “2/1”, and one child was the first child at TPA to graduate with a “First”

  1. The number of school trips / in-school visitors for each year group

Nursery: 2

Reception: 6

Year 1: 4

Year 2: 5

Year 3: 4

Year 4: 4

Year 5: 5

Year 6 : 3


Examples of trips offered:  Local Library, Natural History Museum, Barleylands, Leeds Castle, Tower of London, Kidzania, Thameside Theatre, Duxford, Tilbury Fort, Royal Opera House.
Examples of School visitors: Florence Nightingale workshop, African mask making workshop,  Roman workshop and chick hatching programme.

Additional visits: Regular off-site football + netball matches, District sports KS1 and 2, Choir visiting Willowcroft Lodge (Care Home Tilbury), KS2 Thurrock Music Festival, GLC events, poetry competition,




Other costs











Total Costs