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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community


It is Gateway Learning Community’s policy that children must wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in school organised events inside normal school hours.

This Uniform Policy is based on the notion that uniform:

  1. promotes a sense of pride in the Academy
  2. is practical, smart, attainable and affordable
  3. identifies the children with their Academy
  4. avoids pressure on children to ‘follow the latest fashion’
  5. helps children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
  6. promotes a sense of community and belonging towards the Academy.

To order uniform: 

Click here for Uniforms by Niki. 

Click here to view the details for Unicycle, the uniform recycle project.  

Address: Uniforms by Niki, Walton Hall Farm, Walton Hall Road, Linford, SS17 0RH  

Telephone: 07925 47 6600




Unless otherwise directed, all young people should attend school with uniform selected from the prescribed list as follows: 


  • White polo shirt
  • White shirt or blouse
  • Mid-grey V neck jumper
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey shorts
  • Grey skirt or pinafore dress
  • Plain grey socks
  • Plain grey tights


PE Kit

Indoor PE Uniform

  • Purple polo shirt [with TPA logo]
  • Black shorts [with TPA logo]
  • Black trainers or plimsolls [all black, including logos and soles]

Outside PE Uniform

  • Black jogging bottoms [with TPA logo]
  • Black crew neck sweatshirt [with TPA logo]
  • Black trainers or plimsolls [all black, including logos and soles]

GLC Approved Shoe Styles

  • The GLC expects young people in all its academies to wear conventional shoes.  Shoes must be leather or leather substitute with no obvious branding. Trainers and other footwear such as Converse are not permitted
  • The guidance below indicates what is acceptable and what is not.  If in any doubt, please talk to a member of staff. 

 Please Note:

  • All pupils should attend school each day with a book bag [TPA logo]
  • All PE kit should be stored in a bag marked with the child’s name and should remain in the academy throughout the week. Children are encouraged to do most of their indoor PE in bare feet with plimsolls or trainers for outdoor use. All clothing should be clearly labelled with the name and class. If children do not have kit they should be provided with a spare kit from the inclusion room and a letter must be sent home
  • No jewellery, other than a wristwatch and stud earrings in each ear lobe, is allowed. No facial piercing is allowed at the school
  • We do not allow ‘extreme’ hairstyles: this includes tram-lines; unnatural hair colours or a shaved head less than a ‘number 2’. Please ask us if you are not sure as pupils will be sent home
  • All hair accessories must be in the academy colours of green, black, white or grey. Hair bows must be no larger than 10cm in length
  • Pupils are not allowed to wear any make-up